Sign-O-Bike: Loud And Bright Turn Signals For Riding At Night

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Cycling safety advocates often suggest dressing up in loud and garish glow-in-the-dark industrial vests so that one can be seen more easily; it isn't exactly Copenhagen Cycle Chic but we can't all live in Copenhagen. Now Cycleicious shows us what might be an effective compromise: the Sign-O-Bike. It's a reflective belt that has built in electroluminescent turn signals.

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The Sign-O-Bike is affordable at forty bucks, and comes complete with:

  • Illuminated reflective safety belt flashes EL POWERED LIGHTS of LEFT & RIGHT arrows as rider turn, notifying automobile divers of their intentions.

  • Visible from approximately 200-300 feet, the shield secured on rider's rear mid-section facing outward from lower back pointing to the turning direction.

  • Equipped with EL lights lifespan of over 9,000 hours (3-4 years), powered by batteries with "on and off" switch positions.

  • The reflective shield provides riders with added security and visibility during any ride day or night.

I like their motto: Sign-O-Bike... Let Your Rear Do The Talking...! More at Sign-O-Bike

turn signal jacket photo

It reminds me of Leah Buechley's Turn Signal Jacket For Cyclists

And it is certainly more elegant that Canadian Member of Parliament Olivia Chow's getup of vests and lights, she looks like a Christmas tree. More at Bike Safety Tips From MP Olivia Chow

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