Shower in a Bottle: Another Cycling Excuse Gone

rocket shower personal cleanser photo

Image credit: FitSense
Rocket Shower Offers Shower with no Running Water
From navy showers to occasional showers, there are plenty of ways to get clean and still save water. But what about showering with no water at all? In their quest to find the best solutions for cyclists and bike commuters, the folks over at The Guardian tested out The Rocket Shower - a shower in a bottle that requires no running water whatsoever. So did it work?
Apparently created by a Texan company called 10nine8, The Rocket Shower is billed as the perfect solution for lunchtime workouts, bike commuters, and anyone else who may get sweaty yet have no access to showers. But does it work? Helen Pidd over at The Guardian decided to test out The Rocket Shower with a real world review:

To test Rocket Shower, I slipped into a toilet cubicle after cycling on a hot day. Feeling slightly weird, I took off my dirty clothes, sprayed myself all over with Rocket Shower, waited a few seconds and then dryed off with the technical handtowel in the "jet pack". It contains witch hazel to cleanse, alcohol to help sweat evaporate and kill bacteria, peppermint to cool the skin and grapefruit oil - to stop you smelling like an alcoholic. To my surprise it worked rather well. I felt cool, dry and confident enough to head to a packed leaving do where no one seemed to wrinkle their nose in disgust.

So there goes another excuse for all those would-be bike commuters - and it may offer an explanation if you start finding naked colleagues in the cubicles at the work place. The Rocket Shower is also available in the UK from FitSense.

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