Show Us Your Best DIY Electric Bicycle, Says Renew Magazine

solar bike project photo

Photo: Solar Bike Project

The print-based magazine, Renew, is running a competition to find the best DIY electric bicycle. For which they're offing bragging rights to the winner, in an upcoming issue of the magazine, as well a gift voucher at an online eco-store. (full details after the jump.

We've covered DIY hybrid electric/pedal powered vehicles in the past. You might draw some inspiration from them for the competition. For example, there was the solar powered tandem trike-trailer combo (pictured above), from the Solar Bike Project. Or the DIY electric mountain bike that used power tool batteries. And although its not pedal assist, like a bicycle, we were taken with the verve of the solar scooter. Competition Criteria
They're looking for a finished working bicycle that can be used on a day-to-day basis. Novel use of materials will be given extra credit, for example, the use of solar panels as an energy source. Thought should be given to the safety of the bicycle as well as compliance to local laws (such as restrictions on electric bike power, which is 200 watts maximum in most states).

Entry Closing Date
7 February 2010

Send a high resolution photo [we imagine they mean print quality, eg, 300 dpi] along with a 200 word description of your bicycle to

The winner will receive a $150 gift voucher from online environmental store Todae. Winners will be announced in Renew issue 111, to coincide with ReNew's electric bicycle buyers guide.

Renew is the print magazine of an Australian organisation, the Alternative Technology Association who've reported on renewable energy and related issues for over a quarter of a century. However we assume anyone can enter the DIY Electric Bike competition, as Renew's editor Jacinta sent us the details directly.

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