Seattle's Bike to Work Day is Taking Place on May 16, 2008

Seattle Bike to Work Day photo
Making a city bicycle-friendly (Portland is a good success story, being the first major city in the US to earn Platinum Level) is not easy. There's a vicious cycle where if the city isn't bike-friendly, fewer people will ride, and if fewer people ride, politicians feel less pressure to make the city bike-friendly.

Bike to Work Day in Seattle (May 16, 2008) aims to make counting bicycle commuters easier with an impressive event that brings together about 11,000 cyclists. Such a big group can't be ignored. Strength in numbers!

The Cascade Bicycle Club, the largest in the US, says: "[Bike to Work Day's] dramatic year-over-year increases show transportation engineers and politicians that facilities like bicycle lanes and parking racks are good investments." If you are in the Seattle area and are a cyclist, we encourage you to join the club. If you want to take part in the Bike to Work Day, details can be found here. Even Lance Armstrong wants you to go!

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