Scenes From the Exciting World of Bike Polo

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The bicycle, certainly, has not been overlooked as a tool in the wide world of sports. Still, innovative cyclists continue to think up new ways to test the balance, skill, and pedal power. The latest is a fast-paced game more commonly played with horses: polo.Good writes:

The burgeoning sport of bike polo is capturing the hearts of bike aficionados in neighborhoods all across the country, from Portland, Oregon, to Lexington, Kentucky, and is now played in pockets all over the world. The game is modeled after traditional polo, though there are only three members on each team and there are fewer rules. And unlike the horse-riding players of its predecssor, bike polo players aren't required to be wealthy members of society's elite. They are everyday folk who love bikes and competition—and aren't afraid of the occasional crash (they happen).

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