Sarah Wigglesworth Designs Christmas Tree From Bike Parts

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TreeHugger favourite Sarah Wigglesworth has built a an eco-friendly Christmas Tree out of bicycle wheels borrowed from Re~Cycle, the UK charity that restores bikes and ships them to Africa. Lighting is just reflectors; the wheels are spun by wind power.

wigglesworth- christmas tree from bike parts photo

From Building:

David Roberts, deputy chief executive of [real estate developer and sponsor] Igloo said: "We hope the tree's presence in the square will contribute to a number of measures we are taking to actively encourage cycling in London."


Sarah Wigglesworth said: "The team brainstormed a number of ideas during a design charette. A theme emerged, the idea of promoting green transport in the capital which relates to our cycle store, also in the square. We are all proud of the resulting tree, and hope everyone enjoys it."

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