Sandwich Bike by Bleijh

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The Sandwich Bike, designed by Pieter Janssen and Basten Leijh of Bleijh Concepts and Designs of Amsterdam, was such a hit at the Salone de Mobile in Milan that someone broke in and stole the prototype.

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From the designers: The design

"Inspired by the concept of flat packing and home assembly made popular by companies like IKEA we finally made a bike out of two wooden plates. Hence its name; The Sandwich Bike. The absence of welding joints makes the frame very easy to produce and what's more: the materials used, can vary according to the clients' demand. This way the bike can be kept simple and cheap, or aesthetically and structurally supreme and therefore reasonably expensive. Just like an IKEA product the bike will be delivered in a flat cardboard box and can be assembled at home with a single tool, instructed by an exploded view, reducing distribution and assembly costs."

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"The two wooden plates are held together by four identical "smart cylinders". These cylinders house all the technical parts needed: the crank axle, the head tube and the seat post. The contemporary design and the large surface of the frame is ideal for graphical expression and make the design very attractive for organisations who feel committed to the whole concept and want to let the public know they are involved."

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::Bleijh via :Core77
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