San Francisco Moves Towards Bike-Sharing


Although a few cities are scaling down bike-sharing programs, many cities are exploring the option for their citizens. Copenhagen, for example has 2,000 bikes at 110 stations through the city. Paris? Ten times that many bikes and slightly more than ten times the stations. And, with many of the advantages of car-sharing, such as not needing a personal vehicle, and the eco-cred of zipping around the city with human power, it's no wonder. So who's next to jump on the bike-sharing bandwagon? It looks like it could be San Francisco. The best part might be the cost to the city - close to nothing. Take that budget cuts!
A company vying to advertise on the city's transit shelters would have to hook the city up with a bike-sharing program if San Francisco decides to start one. The system of funding is similar to Paris', which is funded by a contract with a billboard company. So, although the contract doesn't spell out how many bikes and stations would be included, the city has French inspiration to look towards.

::Via San Francisco Chronicle

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