Safety First With Awesome LED Bicycle Backpack (Video)

seil bag concept image

Images via Yanko Design

We have a soft spot for anything that makes cycling a little safer, and this concept design by Lee Myung Su, Park Geun Wan & Park Okhee pegs it. The backpack lights up with messages for traffic behind the cyclist, from turn signals to emergency signals, to thanking drivers for keeping their distance.

SEIL bag by Lee Myung Su design lab from Ben on Vimeo.

It reminds us a little of the clever Arduino-powered turn signal sweater created a couple years ago. Only this could do a whole lot more.

seil bag concept image

The display is made of LEDs and works in two modes, driving or emotion. Driving mode shows turn signals, and emotion mode has, well, emoticons. The display is controlled by a lever on the bike, so the cyclist never has to take their hands off the handlebar.

We'd definitely love to see something like this available for cyclists, though it's probably possible to create something on your own if you really want one.

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