Roadside Assistance for Cyclists: Get To Where You're Going


Apologies to our bicycle fans on TreeHugger. Yet again we’ve been preoccupied with other tasks and have let our bike posts wane somewhat. Though we hoped you caught our recent round-up 21 Small Wheeled Bicycles .

Anyhow, to ease back into things, we took a fancy to the news that the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT) will offering its members the opportunity to use a new service called Bike Assist. If you’re ridding your bike in Australia’s island state and a bingle (hopefully not as severe as the pic above might suggest), mechanical failure or puncture stop you from reaching your destination then the RACT will come to your roadside rescue. If their mechanics can’t get you on your way then they’ll arrange for a taxi to ensure you (and your rusty stead) arrive to where you’re headed.

"More and more Tasmanians are using bicycles for commuting, family leisure, and exercise. It's a trend the RACT wants to encourage and support, especially given the health and environmental benefits associated with cycling," said RACT Group Chief Executive Greg Goodman.

The only downside we see is that you’ll need to already have automotive roadside insurance. Be a pleasant surprise if such a thing was also offered, for a affordable price, to non-motorists. Kinda like the Better World bicycle roadside service that we noted a full four years ago.

:: RACT Bike Assist

Image found at Lost in Seattle

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