Young couple cycling around the world killed in Thailand road accident

RIP: Peter Root and Mary ThompsonVimeo/Screen capture

Our thoughts are with their loved ones

Peter Root and Mary Thompson, both only 34 years old, were on an epic bike trip around the world, living their dream. They had been documenting their journey on their website, Two On Four Wheels, and in a film that had just been accepted by the 11th annual Filmed by Bike film festival (they plan to do a video tribute to them when they film is shown), when tragedy struck. They were killed in a road accident last Wednesday in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, near Bangkok.

On a personal note, to all of TreeHugger's readers: If you are biking or driving, please be safe. I know I'm not your mother, but I think it's important to remind ourselves once in a while that public roads aren't a video-game, and that it only takes one moment of carelessness to be seriously hurt or killed, or to hurt or kill someone else.

To honor Peter and Mary's memory, here are a few videos made by them. They seem like such nice people, too bad I'll never get to meet them...

Here they are cycling across Iran:

The road to Istanbul:

You can see more videos on their Vimeo page.

Via Two On Four Wheels, Road, Bike Portland

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