Ride your unicycle all winter, like this Salt Lake City lawyer

Screen capture Laura Seitz, Deseret News

This is the screenshot that launched a hundred posts, where the TV station was covering an accident during a blizzard in Salt Lake City and caught a guy on a unicycle with an umbrella going by. Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious titled his post Forget bicycles: Unicycles are the cockroaches of disaster because of their obvious ability to survive the apocolypse.

Turns out that local lawyer Richard Terry has been doing this for years. He says that he rides it every day. On this particular day, he said " This tire doesn't slip on almost anything, so I was excited for the weather." There apparently are real advantages to not having handlebars; he can hold his briefcase and an umbrella. According to KSI News:

"I guess it's unusual," he added. "I think there has been maybe two encounters in my entire life where I passed a unicycle in my entire commute; so that's rare." With a stable of six unicycles at home, Terry knew he was saddling up the one with the oversized wheel and studded tire for Thursday's snowy commute.

Sounds like fun.

Ride your unicycle all winter, like this Salt Lake City lawyer
Captured in the corner of a story about a car crash, the unicycle lawyer is on every biking website.

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