Ride like the Sun: Electrobike - Solar Electric Bicycle


Yeh, we know, you've heard it all before. Like when we bought you news of the mythical E-V Sunny with solar panel wheels. But The Electrobike Pi looks different.

For starters we get to see a real live journalist from the LA Times ride about on it. And solar panels are not integrated into the bike itself, but come as an $1,800 optional extra (see pics after the fold). Although touted as cutting the Pi's carbon load by half the panels look awkward to deploy and require eight hours in the sun for a full recharge. You might be thinking "Geez, if that is the price for add-ons, what does the bike cost?" A cool $7,500 USD! But for that you get a street legal bicycle that can get up to 20 mph (32 kph) and travel about 25 miles (40 km) per 2.5 hour plug-in charge. The batteries, with a 400 charge lifespan are housed in the curving arc of the frame and can be topped up by regenerative braking (A Prius convertible/cabriolet, if you will!). The price also includes keeping manufacturing local, 18 of the 20 component makers are Californian based. Electrobike reckon the production of its Pi generates only about 200 lbs of CO2, equal to about 10 gallons of fuel being consumed by a midsize car. Total weight is around 58 lbs (26 kg). For your wad of dough you also score a helmet, luggage rack, panniers and a selection of saddles to suit riders from 5' to 6' 2" (152 to 188 cm). Other models, including a three wheeler, are also on offer.

Only 500 Pi's are currently been made for sale, not through a bike store, but via the high end furniture retailer Design Within Reach. But then as the LA Times see it this is a piece of rideable sculpture. : Electrobike, via NotCot.



Pics via LA Times.