Ride in Comfort On The City Recumbent

city recumbent bike design Jean Davignon image sideview

Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 results are out soon, and Designboom builds the tension with a release from the short list: A spectacular looking recumbent bike by Jean Davignon.
city recumbent bike design Jean Davignon image drive

I worry about the name "City Recumbent;" I wonder if recumbent bikes are appropriate in the city where the rider sits so low, they might be not be noticed by the drivers.

The designer describes it:

A fat tire composite and aluminium recumbent bicycle with a horizontal pivot twin bar fork link steering handle. Rear internal gear hub with a spring loaded chain tensioner
and a flexible lower chain guide. For optimal weight distribution, the seat adjustment
mechanism is found under the seat. Front and rear sections can be separated to
facilitate transportability.'

Although it is pretty tough to see how that chain can be channelled all the way to the rear hub as shown.

city recumbent bike design Jean Davignon image detail

It is incredible how detailed and accurate drawing has become; that carbon fibre and the welds on the steering mechanism look so real. More at Designboom.

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