Ride Anywhere: Pugsley, the Bicycle SUV

Surly Pugsley bicycle photo

A few days officially into Winter for the Northern Hemisphere, and many cyclists are probably thinking about hanging up their cycling helmet for the season. The bicycle is however a very adaptable beastie, than can be ridden in a myriad of conditions, including snow.

One such never-say-die trusty stead is the Pugsley. No doubt named after the chubby child from the Addams Family TV series, this bicycle version is also easily recognised by its sizeable girth, particularly those ginormous 4" tyres. These give the bike incredible float over what would otherwise be very awkward terrain.Made by Surly, who also have the good sense to collaborate with those other bike innovators XtraCycle, the Pugsley is said to be kinder on the environment. Not only because it is a human propelled vehicle, but also due to that the fat tyres mould over obstacles, rather than cutting a groove as a standard 'narrow' mountain bike wheel would. Also it doesn't need all the technology bound up in suspension systems, as the extra air can provide a full 2" (50mm) of spring.

Surly have had to create a special asymmetrical frame and wheel rim to accommodate the super boofy tyres. It can be provided primarily as a frame, so you or or local bike shop can fit out with your components of choice, be they a conventional derailleur set-up, internal rear hub or even a fixed gear unit.

Sheldon Brown's encyclopaedic bicycle website has a useful write up on the Pugsley and Cyclelicio.us offer a run down of other brands of similarly styled bikes.

::Surly Puglsey.

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