Ride an Arty Bike Designed by Gavin Turk

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Photo Credit: Gavin Turk

If you are in London this week, forget about the Boris Bikes and hit the road on one of Gavin Turk's. Called "Les Bikes de Bois Rond", the artist has created 15 wild and crazy bicycles for an international art fair.

Turk leading a band of New York and L.A. art collectors, all in black of course, will be a sight to see. Riders of the bicycles will get a certificate authenticating themselves as works of art.

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Photo Credit: Gavin Turk

The bicycles are created in homage to a Polish conceptualist, "an important artist of the 1970s that you've never heard of" called Andre Cadere. He created striped walking sticks covered with coloured beads, called "Barre de bois rond"....so you get the connection. He believed that art is a sculptural extension of the body.

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Photo Credit: weheart

As well as being a serious artist, Turk is a serious biker. During the summer he led two bicycle rides on the Suffolk and Essex coasts, with all the participants riding his arty bikes. He considered the bike tour to be "somehow an artwork in itself."

His views on cycling as a mystical and environmental experience:

"Cycling is becoming a more important means of transport, as everyone becomes aware of the environmental hazards of driving. There is an element of cycling which, while not anti-social, returns you to yourself. Thinking while you are cycling is a bit like reading between the lines when you are reading a book. It is obviously possible to cycle for an amount of time, and then suddenly to go ' Oh, I'm cycling!' That's because there has been a moment where you have been able to access other parts of your mind."

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