RGBG - Pedalling from Seattle to San Francisco for Affordable Green Housing

We have seen one or two examples of affordable sustainable housing, for example this apartment block in London or this $200,000 Oklahoma zero energy house, but overall environmentally sustainable architecture is still seen as somewhat of an elitist movement. However, all that must change if sustainability is to go mainstream – after all, niche sustainability is basically an oxymoron. It’s good then, that a movement is building to push truly green architecture for all income groups. From Brad Pitt’s efforts to rebuild New Orleans to the AIA’s highlighting of cutting-edge affordable homes, every new initiative and campaign brings us a step closer to green architecture as the norm, rather than the exception.

West Coast TreeHuggers can do their part for green affordable housing this summer by taking part in RGBG – or Ride Green, Build Green, a month-long awareness building and fund raising bicycle trip from Seattle to San Francisco. Details are sketchy at the present time, but the ride takes place from the 25th of July to the 25th of August, and those wishing to take part should check out this website or contact rgbgseattle@gmail.com. ::RGBG::via tipster Corey Heller, with thanks::

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