Reminder: Cable locks aren't very secure, as this bike thief demonstrates (video)

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Jonathan Maus writes: "We've tried to spread word about the futility of cable locks many times here on BikePortland; but this video might be the most persuasive argument yet." Indeed, it shows a thief stealing Drew Hicks' bike in mere seconds, sniping the cable lock without problems with a small pocket-sized cutter (we can assume, it's a bit hard to see).

If you're in the Portland area and recognize the thief, drop a note to Jonathan.

Of course, no bike locks are 100% theft-proof, but a quality lock can deter most thieves who aren't carrying heavy-duty tools. As I wrote previously in a piece about the economics of stealing bikes:

I'm not kidding about the absence of enforcement and low risk of stealing bikes. Here's a NYT journalist filming himself stealing his own bike in New York City to see how people who see him will react. You gotta see this to believe it. He even uses powertools and does it near cops:

Via Bike Portland

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