Recycled Milk Crate Becomes Bike Seat and Basket

We like bikes. We like reusing materials. And we like transformer functionality. So what's not to like about "Two Go" by Israeli designer Yael Livneh?

Using a reclaimed milk crate, the piece acts as an additional bike seat for carrying a passenger or it can be converted back into a crate for carting your groceries home. Very neat, very low tech, and a great way to add capacity and adaptability to that greenest of machines—the bicycle.

"Two Go" was short listed as one of the entries in the Seoul Cycle competition run by designboom and the Seoul Design Foundation back in 2010, but for some reason it passed under our radar. That's despite the fact that this was the same competition that brought us the retroreflector tie; the Bike Hanger; Bag Bike; and even a fake horse silhouette to make biking more fun.

Good stuff. Sorry it took us this long to get to it. Head over to designboom for more pictures and a detailed description of the Two Go concept.

Recycled Milk Crate Becomes Bike Seat and Basket
Clever reuse and ingenious functionality create a transformer bike-seat and cargo carrier from reused materials.

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