Rearview Video and Black Box Recording Boosts Safety for Cyclists

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Image by Cerevellum via Gizmag

For cyclists, a smart product from Cerevellum called the Hindsight 30 could be the solution for keeping better tabs on cars coming up behind you. Designed by industrial designer Evan Solida after he suffered a run-in with a car in 2007, the rearview video setup is a video system that allows cyclists to see what's behind them, and it includes a "black box" system that will record any accident that might occur. One might ask why not just use a cheap, light rear view mirror to see cars coming up behind you while you're riding. We've followed some fairly horrifying incidents of violence between drivers and cyclists, both intentional and completely accidental. Something like this camera could help by providing a little more than just a shaky, blurry rear view mirror. By recording any accidents, people can understand when it's the cyclist or when it's the driver who is at fault.

Hindsight 30 has a rearview video camera that mounts to the seat post, a 3.5 inch LCD video screen that mounds to the handle bars, and it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The screen is transflective, so it can be viewed in direct sunlight.

According to Gizmag, however, there is an even more sophisticated model coming out soon -- the Hindsight 50 will have front and rear cameras, GPS, cyclometer functions and it will continuously record a loop video. However, when its G-sensor detects a sudden shock, like what happens with an accident, it will stop recording after 10 seconds in order to preserve any video of how the accident occurred.

The 30 is expected to be available for purchase in September for $249, while the 50 will go for around $549, depending on the cyclometer options selected.

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