A rare creature, caught in the wild: The winter cyclist

Hinterland whos who
Screen capture This hour has 22 minutes

There was a great Canadian tradition on television, a sort of public service announcement from the Ministry of the Environment called Hinterland Who's Who that has been running for sixty years, where they start with a "flute poem" and then tell the story of an animal in the wild. It's burned in to all of our brains.

First created in the early 1960s, Hinterland Who’s Who made bold use of a relatively new medium — black and white television — to reach the Canadian general public. The vignettes, produced by the Canadian Wildlife Service, brought native wildlife into living rooms using excellent film footage and simple narration. They became, and remain, an enduring part of Canadian culture.

The Canadian comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes has a look at another rare Canadian bird: The Winter Cyclist. Perhaps nobody else will find this funny, but Canadians will.

A rare creature, caught in the wild: The winter cyclist
Canadian comedy show captures one in the wild

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