Rand Paul trying to strip funding for transportation alternatives, direct it to fixing bridges for cars

Public Domain Amendment

The transportation alternatives fund wasn't very big, and it wasn't very good, but at least it was something that promoted cycling, walking and alternatives to driving. Now as a new transportation bill wends its way through congress, Senator Rand Paul has added an amendment that would strip all funding for alternatives and apply all the money to fixing bridges. DC Streetsblog is confused.

Bridge repair certainly could use some help, seeing as MAP-21 dramatically shrunk the amount of money earmarked for keeping the nation’s bridges in safe operating condition. But his idea of a solution is beyond misguided. Half of TA funds go directly to the hands of local communities to use as they wish, a process any devolutionist fiscal conservative should appreciate. The other half can be frittered away on anything a state wants.

The League of American Bicyclists urges you to " contact your Senators and ask them to save Transportation Alternatives by voting NO on amendment 1742.". More information here.

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