Quote of the Day: Yet Another View on Bikes and Stop Signs


Stop sign on bike trail at driveway entrance from Bicyclewatchdog

The Atlantic's Megan McArdle on why she disagrees with a correspondent who wrote "I don’t think civil disobedience extends to refusing to obey the law because it tacks three minutes on to your commute."

"Coordination laws, like driving regulations--where the laws themselves have no moral content, but are merely a convenient way to enforce a common standard--are different from things like laws against stealing. Indeed, so different that you don't even think of speeding as breaking the law, allowing you to get morally outraged at bikers without even thinking of yourself as doing exactly the same thing on the highways."....

"In my experience, drivers are much less likely to be enraged by a rolling bike stop than they are when I am obeying the law--driving in the middle of the lane in front of them, moving much more slowly than they are. If you're so hot on bikers not obeying the traffic laws, you should stop to consider that if we were obeying all the traffic laws, we'd ride like cars drive--right in the middle of the traffic lane. But I suspect that if bikers started obeying this particular traffic law, we would not be hearing applause from the drivers." ::Atlantic via ::Andrew Sullivan

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