Quote of the Day: Republican House Leader on Bikes and Beautification

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John Boehner, Republican House leader, pretends to care about alternative fuel vehicles but clearly doesn't think that bicycles qualify.

"I think there's a place for infrastructure, but what kind of infrastructure? Infrastructure to widen highways, to ease congestion for American families? Is it to build some buildings that are necessary?" He stated. "But if we're talking about beautification projects, or we're talking about bike paths, Americans are not going to look very kindly on this."

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Clearly this is going to be the Republican line: Infrastructure investment if we must, but for roads and cars, not bikes and beautification. No doubt had he been around during the New Deal, he would have opposed putting people to work planting trees.

Bike advocates on the other hand, have different ideas, as suggested at Bike Commute Tips:

Infrastructure investments should include:

retrofits to existing streets to make them safe for all users, as well as new trails that create comprehensive networks, cannot only create new jobs, but can help American families recover from the economic downturn and lay the foundation to address some of our nation's major crises, such as climate, energy, and health.
-America Bikes member organizations have identified over 1.2 billion dollars of ready-to-go bicycle and pedestrian projects.
-Bicycle and pedestrian projects are labor-intensive and require less expensive materials than road building projects thus creating jobs at roughly the same rate as highway repair.
-By prioritizing Complete Streets projects, and by fixing existing roads to complete streets standards, this recovery bill invests not only in jobs, but also in projects that will not have to be retrofitted in the future.

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