Quote of the day: Mikael Colville-Andersen on Lord Foster's Sky Cycle scheme for London

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This TreeHugger learned years ago that you don't cross Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize. He will take you to pieces. On the other hand, you might learn something in the process.

Now Lord Norman Foster gets schooled about his proposal for a Sky Cycle superhighway system, covered in TreeHugger here. Mikael writes:

Ideas like these are city killers. Removing great numbers of citizens who could be cycling down city streets past shops and cafés on their way to work or school and placing them on a shelf, far away from everything else. All this in a city that is so far behind in reestablishing cycling as transport that it's embarrassing. With most of the population already whining about bicycles on streets, sticking them up in the air, out of the way, is hardly going to help returning bicycles to the urban fabric of the city.


He notes that Foster (a spandexian cyclist himself) doesn't really understand how bikes work.

Bicycles belong at street level. Bicycle users are just pedestrians on wheels, not to be confused with motorised traffic. Creating safe, separated infrastructure on our streets is the way forward. Back to the future. Bicycles are the most effective and powerful tool we have for re-building our liveable cities.

The Sky Cycle seems to focus on the 1%. The spandexian demographic. It will never get built, of that we can be certain, but if play Foster's fantasy game, there would be a few bicycle users using it. But nowhere near the numbers that have been predicted.

A whole lot more stronger language at Copenhagenize

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