Question: Should Cycling be Allowed in All Parks?


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What a Concept! Bikes in Parks!
I was reading this post about how Copenhagen now allows cycling in parks, and it seemed like such a good and obvious idea, I wondered "why not everywhere?" Of course, some parks already allow it and even have bike paths, but in many parts of the world, you are supposed to actually walk your bike (though not everybody does it). What do you think? Should cities allow cycling in their parks?Another Kind of Critical Mass
Actually encouraging bikes in park would have many benefits. Some would have to be modified to make it safer for pedestrians, but overall this would give a boost to bike culture. The more places people can bike safely, and the more places people can see others biking, the better. It's all about momentum; the great biking cities of the world are that way partly because of the infrastructure, but the local culture plays a huge role too.


Photo: Flickr, CC

The shift could be kind of like the "Please walk on the grass" signs in Toronto parks, which were a reaction to the common "do not walk on grass" signs in parks (especially in Europe, apparently). Public spaces should be welcoming to people and not make it any harder than necessary to get around in green ways (walking, biking, public transit).

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