Puma Teams Up with Biomega To Make Bikes. Again

puma biomega pico city bike photo

Photo: The Pico by Puma Bike

"PUMA Bikes redefine and reinvigorate the city ride with a bit of radicalism and a whole lot of practicality. They fold, they carry, they cruise. They're everything and more, packed tight in a sweet, colorful ride." Well, that's how the marketing types for Puma and Biomega see it anyhow.

What we see is another entrant in the human powered, urban mobility market and that has to be a positive move. If it gets people out their oil fuel cars, then we can turn a blind eye to a little extra robust PR. And when it comes down to it, a couple of models do conveniently fold, while some can be ordered with integrated carrier handlebars, and the paint job is a tad unusual.This isn't Puma's first foray into the cycling arena. We reported a similar endeavour back in 2005. Also a collaboration with the designer bike studio Biomega, whom we first pointed out for their Biolove bamboo bike. There was even a glow in the dark model. Nor is Puma first effort at more environmentally benign product. earlier this year we highlighted their shoebox that was now a reuseable, recycled bag, and their mobile phone with integrated solar panels.

This time around there are five bikes to the collection.

The Disko which is described as mixing: "BMX features (handlebar, sloping top tube), city bike features (upright seating position), folding bike features (folding functionality), and 24" wheels (in between a BMX 20" wheels and a city bike 28")"
It's wire downtube can be unhooked and wrapped around a post as secured back to the bike as an integrated lock.

puma biomega disko city bike photo

Photo: Disko, via Puma

The Pico (top picture also) is a BMX meets city bike hybrid, that can be specced with an option front handlebar stowage basket and/or frame folding capabilities.

puma biomega pico city bike white photo

Photo: Pico, via Puma

The Nevis comes in a male and female version and sets out to blend the best of cruiser comfort with city bike practicality.

puma biomega nevis lady city bike photo

Photo: Nevis Lady, via Puma
puma biomega nevis men city bike photo

Photo: Nevis Men, via Puma

The Funk similarly strikes a pose between city bike and track bike, and sports the ability to switch the rear wheel between single speed free wheel and fixie mode.

puma biomega funk city bike photo

Photo: Funk, via Puma

Being designer bikes Puma's prices might shock those used to buying secondhand or frankensteining bikes from dumpster discards. But each to their own. It matters not whether your wallet be fat or thin, so long as you're travelling car free.

The Puma by Biomega bikes will initially be sold via a dedicated online shop. Delivery costs are free, so long as you're in the USA or Europe.

We should also point out that Puma have announced their intention to become the first carbon neutral company within what they term as the 'sportlifestyle' industry, by completely offsetting its own global CO2 emissions. This extends to offset emissions from the international travel of all puma-sponsored national football teams attending the Football World Cup hosted this summer in South Africa.

Puma Bikes and Biomega, via media release.

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