Prettiest Travelling Bike Ever. But At What Price?

wallpaper travelling bicycle photo

images from Wallpaper*

Wallpaper* Magazine
has always been a bit over the top, but they did have an eye for beautiful things. However the money-no-object aesthetic can be a turn-off. Thus I am a bit conflicted showing their International Bike. It is truly a thing of beauty, and comes in a lovely bag made by Nivaldo de Lima that would probably even get past the sharp and greedy eyes at Air Canada.
wallpaper travelling bicycle photo bag

The frames are made in Osaka by master frame builder Shuichi Kusaka of Kinfolk and then shipped to Portland, Oregon, where master bike builder Sacha White of vanilla Bicycles set up a paint shop called Coat. I saw Sacha White's bikes at the Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle show at New York's Museum of Art and Design and they were amazing.

wallpaper travelling bicycle photo seat

Of course the seat is a "limited edition leather saddle, produced especially for the bikes by Brooks."

The Wallpaper* people say "Despite the perils of potholes and truckers' blind spots, team Wallpaper* are committed urban cyclists." But would a committed urban cyclist ride a £2,450 (US$ 3,800) bike on the streets of New York or London? Is it a plaything for someone with too much money? Or is it a work of art?

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