Transformer Bike Panniers Tote A Table, Chairs

If you are already nostalgic about the last days of summer, this bike pannier/picnic basket might lift your spirits, as it's such a civilized dream of the way biking should be - carefree, and fun, with the wind at your back and the sun on your face.

Netherlands-based designer Jeriƫl Bobbe of Bloon Design first created a portable, foldout picnic table plus settings that he calls Springtime. Then Bobbe went a step further by making Springtime easily adapt to any basic bike rack.

The machine-cut panels rest over the top of your bike's back rack just like panniers. These panniers house simple picnic place settings with a little room for actual food!

Upon arrival to your picnic site the pannier sides fold out to transform into square bench seats, while a top panel opens into a small table.

Ready to picnic - though you'll have to love the one you are with, as your knees will definitely touch underneath this tiny table and chairs. Too bad there's no umbrella option, and just remember, coffee out in the countryside tastes infinitely better than Starbucks ever will.

Bloon intends to have a web store for purchases available soon.

Transformer Bike Panniers Tote A Table, Chairs
Making bikes better cargo haulers is usually the job of frame builders. But Bloon Design's pannier/picnic table makes any bike a traveling eaterie for two.

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