Portugal's New Bike Paths are Filled with Poetry (Video)

Portugal's Bike Paths

Photo: Curitiba Cycle Chic.

Beautiful and romantic: a new set of bike paths placed next to the Tejo river, in Lisboa, are filled with phrases from O Guardador de Rebanhos, a poem by famous Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa (which he wrote under one of is pseudonyms, Alberto Caeiro). While it would seem a little strange to read while pedaling, this video showing a trip through the paths with sweet music sure makes you want to go out and bike around. Video inside.
Video by Abilio Vieira.

If you have some time, it's really worth a look. The phrases, in order of appearance on the video, are the following:

"The river of my village doesn't make you think about anything.
When you're at its bank you're only at its bank."

"Through the Tejo you go to the World.
Beyond the Tejo is America
And the fortune you encounter there.
Nobody ever thinks about what's beyond
The river of my village."

"The Tejo runs down from Spain
And the Tejo goes into the sea in Portugal.
Everybody knows that.
But not many people know the river of my village
And where it comes from
And where it's going.
And so, because it belongs to less people,
The river of my village is freer and greater."

"The Tejo has big boats
And there navigates in it still,
For those who see what's not there in everything,
The memory of fleets."

"The Tejo is more beautiful than the river that flows through my village,
But the Tejo isn't more beautiful than the river that flows through my village,
Because the Tejo isn't the river that flows through my village."

If ever in Lisboa, Portugal, this should be for sure one of the first spots on the bike-lover-traveler's list.

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