Portland State Creates Independent Bicycle Track

Portland Cycle Track Lane Photo

Image via: Neighborhood Notes

Portland,OR has done a lot to promote biking, protect cyclists and just plain give them the right of way when it comes to street traffic. Now Portland State University is getting in on the action by creating what looks like part bike path, part bike lane to make cycling on campus easier and preferred among students, reports Bike Portland.org.The bike path itself is a physically separated lane that runs through the Portland State University campus between SW Jackson to SW Clay. The path is part of the Mayor's 100-Days Plan and was originally to be located in the North Park Blocks. While the path helps identify bicycles in the area, it was also created to increase biking on busy roadways by making bikers more comfortable biking around cars. This is particularly important for bikers sitting on the fence - interested in biking more but afraid of getting out on busy roads. It is hoped that by having an independent lane, bikers will feel more secure about not getting in an accident with a car and therefore more likely to take a bike on their next commute. Bicycle tracks can either use curbs or parked cars to isolate the bikers from the roadway, in this case Portland is using parked cars which makes the system fairly inexpensive to install. Drivers of the parked cars will now have to walk through the bike track in order to get to shops and other buildings along the track.

Throughout the creation of the bike track, different groups have gone out of their way to support such an endeavor, for example the Bike Business League in the area served ice cream one day to the paving crew to show their support for this work. On August 31, Portland's Mayor Sam Adams, PSU President Wim Wiewel and BTA Executive Director Scott Bricker were at the site for the official inauguration and unveiling of the track. The City of Portland also has a website to answer questions for both cyclists and drivers about the bike lane. :Bike Portland
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