Portland Raceway to Host Bike Races


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For those in the know, Portland is a bike lover's dream. With its myriad bike lanes, temperate weather, and world class bike builders like Vanilla, Portland has it all for those who like to move fast on two wheels. And for the 13th season, Portland International Raceway (PIR) will host a "Monday Night Race Series." Cyclists came come and let it rip on a 2-mile course. And the best part? No traffic!

The series starts May 4th and runs through August 31st.

According to PIR's press release:

The series now offers clinics for men on the 1st Mondays and
women on the 2nd Mondays of the month, and will focus on the basics of how
to get started in racing. There will be a brief intro talk prior to the race
start, and followed by debriefing after the race. Experienced coaches and
racers will lead this. Kendra Wenzel of Wenzel Coaching is running the
women's clinic, and Men's clinic is overseen by Russell Cree of Upper
Echelon Fitness. This is a great way to see what racing is all about, ask
questions and meet other riders. Clinics will run approximately 30 minutes
before the race and 30 minutes after the race.

The course is located at the Portland International Raceway (I-5 Exit #306B) in North Portland. Entry fees are $13 for women and master men, $5 for women under 18. Bike commuters or those who take public transit get $1 off entry, and race organizers will donate $1 to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), a local non-profit working to make Oregon one of the best places in the world to ride a bike.

Racing starts at 6:15pm on Monday nights. More information at www.racemondaynight.com.

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