Portland Hosts First VeloSwap

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Image source: Portland Veloswap

This past weekend Portland, OR played host to the first "freecycle" or "swap-o-rama-rama" of bike parts dubbed the VeloSwap. Veteran and novice bikers alike were allowed to hang out, get good deals, sample some good organic food and bask in the glory of their own common pursuit - getting around on two wheels instead of four.

Veloswap Event 2009 Photo

Held at the local Roots Organic Brewery, a $3 admission fee permitted the entrant the chance to mingle and barter with over 100 vendors, and also allowed $1 food orders. "Vendors" were given two-hour time slots, meaning that there was an ever-evolving market of bike parts, accessories, gear and clothing. Vendors with lots of stuff to get rid of could also purchase a booth for the entire 8-hour event. :Portland VeloSwap

VeloSwap Event Booths and Vendors Photo

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