Plywood Flatpack Bike And Scooter: Hit or Miss?

flatpack bike nicholas berry models

Designer Nicholas Belly won second prize in L'ARGUS design competition with his flatpack scooter and bike. Our skilled translators quote Belly:

"The beginning of the 21st century will be about sustainable development, and the era of "always more" will give way to an era of simplicity. So how will we get around in this era of "sobriété"?

flatpack bike nicholas berry plans

While I love the idea that such a bike might be sold like a piece of flatpack furniture, cut out at your local shopbot shop, I am not so certain about the durability; the designs are evidently for temporary use.

flatpack bike nicholas berry riding

The scooter looks like it might last a few rides, but I am really not sure about the bike at all. I am torn; I love a good flatpack design, but these don't seem to use the wood efficiently and even the designer suggests that they are for short term use. What do you think?

Via Crunchgear.

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