Pittsburgh's shipping container and Space Invader bike parking! (video)

Shipping Container Bike Parking in Pittsburgh
Screen capture SF

Build it and they will come

It's so great to see biking on the ascend all over the U.S. (and the world)! Some places get most of the attention, like New York City, but there are lots of cities not necessarily known for bike culture that are doing great things and building up their infrastructure, which is crucial to reach critical mass and get more than just hardcore bikers to ride. Pittsburgh is a good example of this: Our friend Clarence was there recently and he shot this great video that shows some of the sweet bike parking spaces that are being built around the city.

The shipping container (interior shown in the photo above, but you have to see the outside to see how nice it is) and the Space Invader spaces are particularly cool, but the less-flashy bike corrals will be just as useful. Check it out:

The shipping container space was built 3 years ago, but received little attention outside of the city. I think it's a model that could be replicated elsewhere.

Note that the Space Invader bike parking has one of the bike repair stations that we first wrote about here. Nice to see these popping up all over the place!

Space InvaderSF/Screen capture

Via Streetfilms

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