Pittsburgh bike campaign is a lycra-free zone, showing cyclists as people

Bus Shelter ad
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There is a stereotype of cyclists; Rosie DiManno recently repeated it in Toronto: " the ped-aphile is a flat-bottomed creature with a stupid aerodynamic helmet (as if about to contest a pursuit race in the velodrome) and stupider Lycra shorts."

Bike Pittsburgh is trying to do something about the misconceptions, the hate. They have started a campaign with a message:

People who ride bikes are all around us. From behind the windshield it may seem that we are all the same, but we come from all walks of life and experiences. We could be your nurse, your carpenter, your child’s friend, your priest or even one of your sports heroes. We may ride for different reasons, but we all love to ride.

Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious has his interpretation: " Bike Pittsburgh created this campaign and bought the outdoor ad space to remind drivers to pass with care, drive like a grownup, and take the high road."

I think you could also address this campaign to politicians, pedestrians and even cyclists, telling everyone that cyclists are not weird. They don't break the law to a much different degree than anyone else on the road or sidewalk. They are just people like everyone else, wanting to get where they are going, safely.

Great idea at Bike Pittsburgh; Help them out and Donate here.

Pittsburgh bike campaign is a lycra-free zone, showing cyclists as people
Why can't we all just get along? New campaign humanizes cyclists.

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