A picture is worth: Life in the Toronto bike lanes

Toronto Bike laneHugh Alter/CC BY 2.0

The storm some called Nemo blew in a week ago. You would think that a northern city like Toronto would know how to cope, how to get out the ploughs, how to clear the important routes, including the most travelled bike lanes. Let's even give them a few days to do it, unlike Copenhagen where the bike lanes get cleared first. But no; in winter, the bike lanes are turned into snow storage lanes or parking spots as the cars are pushed away from the curb by the piles of snow. It's illegal to park in bike lanes, but you don't see any tickets in winter for some reason.

This car was parked diagonally across the parking area and the bike lane all week. It has one parking ticket.

bike laneLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

There were quite a few cyclists out this morning, forced out into the driving lanes, often into a single lane with the cars and taxis racing through rush hour. But at some point the politicians have to decide: do they want to make it easier to get people out of cars and out of overcrowded subways by making a cycling infrastructure that works all year round, or do they want to just kill them. In Toronto, it seems to be the latter.

A picture is worth: Life in the Toronto bike lanes
You would think that a week after the snow storm, the bike lanes might be working again. You would be wrong.

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