PedalPower+, Gadget Charger for FreeWheelers


Remember when we gave some credit to Motorola for releasing a bicycle powered phone charger? Well, it now appears that they had been pipped at the post. Australian company, Copyat Solar, advise us they unveiled their PedalPower+ a whole month before. And they reckon it does more than the model offered by the big guys. The PedalPower+ has an inbuilt battery, which accepts changing from either bottle or hub style dynamo. Apparently it likes the company of any brand hub, so long as is rated at 6v 3w. The battery, in turn, is said to charge, not just mobile phones, but also iPods, other mp3 players, as well as digital cameras and PDAs. A USB socket is provided. Seems that gadgets can be in use while being charged by an active cyclist. The 90 gram (3 oz) charger is smaller than an iPod, and can be removed from its handle bar cradle for use as a LED light. And there’s more. But instead of a set of steak knives, you get a solar panel on top for garnering extra juice. Alas, their website, (which reminds me of the early days of desktop publishing!) is short on pricing and distribution details. Worthy of consideration nevertheless. ::Copycat Solar

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