Pedal-Powered Pub Delivers Beer on the Move

The Pedal-Powered Pub
It's safe to say that TreeHugger is an advocate of human-powered transport options — from kayaks to couch bikes to pedal-powered hovercraft, through human-powered four-wheel drive SUVs to pedal-driven roller coasters, we've covered some pretty wacky transport modes in our time. But on a recent visit to Amsterdam, I think I may have seen the wackiest of them all. While walking through the quiet streets of the Jordaan district my wife and I heard a steadily-building cheer, then saw a weird-looking contraption with 8 drunk guys on it come hurtling around the bend. Weirdly, we knew exactly what it was as soon as we looked at it — a pedal-powered bar. The video above comes via YouTube user Padraa, but I also found a few details about the service on the Fietscafe (which translates as 'bikecafé' in English) website:
"The Fietscafe is a mobile pub, for groups up to 17 people per bike, who can transport themselves by moving the pedals. Not all guests do have to cycle; the Fietscafe® is provided with 10 freewheels, so you can change seats from time to time. You need a sober driver and of course, the best bartender looks after the beer and drinks."

"Only in Amsterdam," my wife and I laughed. Then we found out there's a similar service called the Pubcrawler in London. I must say this does look like fun but, in the wrong hands, and on the wrong streets, I can't help but worry what the concept will do for the idea of cyclists as responsible road users. Please drink responsibly...

::Fietscafe::via YouTube::

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