Pedal-Powered Ecocabs Reach Streets Of Stockholm

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The Ecocab, that jazzy three-wheeled improvement on the older pedicab/rickshaw idea, debuted the first of May in Toronto and has been seen in cities such as Dublin and in Berlin for last year's World Cup. In Toronto, advertising is to be the main revenue for cab company owners, at least at first. But while the new Stockholm-based fleet of eight Ecocabs trolling the inner city are brightly emblazoned with ads, they also cost cold hard cash, in some cases more than a regular taxi.

Stockholm's Ecocabs, which will run only from May though September each year, charge 40 Swedish crowns ($6.50) per rider per 15 minute period. The ecocabs have a small 12v self-charging battery-driven engine to help the driver power up hills and run the indicator lights, and can reach a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, though the average speed is closer to half that. If these grow in popularity, perhaps they can encourage and adapted to some of the inner-city work of transporting and delivering goods as this very cool Parisian company La Petite Reine is doing (see photo after the jump).

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