Bamboo Bicycles from the Ozon Cyclery in Berlin (Photos)

Ozon Bamboo Bicycle© Ozon Cyclery

What happens when an orthopedics technician, an aerospace engineer, an industrial designer, and, a former bicycle courier join their curiosity and obsessions? A bamboo bike is born in Berlin! I spotted in on the streets of San Francisco last week where a rider from the Ozon Cyclery is currently working as a messenger and testing the bike at the same time.

Ozon bamboo cyclist© Ozon Cyclery

From their workshop in Berlin, Ozon has developped more and more durable and lightweight bicycles over the last 3 years, and ridden them over thousands of kilometers, from Berlin to Paris, to the Baltic Sea and Poland.

Ozon bamboo bike joint© Ozon Cyclery

Made from TigerBamboo and hand sculpted flax fiber composite joints, the bikes weigh around 1.75 kg, and, according to the designers, “have a ride quality similar to high end steel, but with better vibration absorption”.

Ozon bamboo Bike© Ozon Cyclery

And they look funky! Prices for a customised bicycle (fitting and geometry development for perfect body fit, component selection according to style of riding, and visual renderings) range from 1000€ to 1500€. Or attend a workshop day to build your own frame under guidance!

Ozon bamboo bike workshop© Ozon Cyclery

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