Here's the Clever Way to Increase Bike Parking Spaces While Making the Road Safer!

On-Street Bike Parking is a 3-for-1

The number of cyclists is growing rapidly in many cities - NYC's bike count is up 289% since 2001, for example - but in many places, including NYC, the number of accessible bike parkings is not keeping up. If this problem is not solved, it could slow down bike adoption rates, and that's the last thing we need. But how should the problem be solved? Should we just add a bunch of bike racks all over sidewalks? There might be a better way: on-street bike parkings near intersections provide more parking spaces for cyclists, they don't clutter up the sidewalks, and they improves visibility for drivers, making everybody safer. The video above by our friends over at Streetfilms shows exactly how they work and why they are so good.

Via Streetfilms

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