Offroad Quadracycling: Pedal-Powered Donuts! (Video)

Animas quadracycle photo

Image credit: Angela Films

Warren has already delivered a pretty comprehensive round up of 13 weird and wonderful quadracycles, among them the "pedal-powered SUV" known as Trailcart. Now another fun, offroad quadracycle has come to our attention, and this one has electric assist and it can do donuts! Boy does this look like fun.

The Animas Quadracycle is the brainchild of inventor Greg Fisher. Offering two person side-by-side seating, recumbent style, electric-assist and a stable 4 wheel layout. The design also features independent freewheels for each rider, and a wide choice of gear ratios. But what can you do in the thing? Check out the video to find out.

All fun action aside, the stability and speed shown on this thing suggest it could be a serious contender for viable human-powered transportation both in cities and off-road. Sadly none are available for sale right now, although Fisher is looking to license his design to a reputable manufacturer.

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