NYC Bike Helmet By Yves Behar is Latest Fashion Accessory


I know, you don't need a bike helmet in Copenhagen or Amsterdam, (and no, I don't think they should be mandatory any more) but some people think you do in New York City, so the City itself got in the game by commissioning Yves Behar's Fuseproject to design one that "that appeals to the new generation of bikers,would provide safety both in a context of a free bike program, and of a policy to promote cycling in the City."


Fuseproject writes:

The NYC Helmet is designed with every rider, every season, and a greener environment in mind. As unique and dynamic as the City of New York itself, the NYC Helmet is an innovative modular system consisting of two components: a protective polystyrene inner shell and a soft fabric outer cover with integrated straps. This design allows its owner to customize and personalize the outer cover, which easily separates from the protective shell for easy storage and cleaning.


I am not at all sure about the orange one visor one,


But the idea that you can remove the cover and stick it in your pocket


and U-lock the actual helmet to the bike (why do they not make the vents big enough to do this on most helmets?) is very clever. Who knows, perhaps they can even get one on the head of Matthew Modine.

via Yanko Design

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