Now THAT is a fast bike (104-tooth chainring)!

Fast bike!
Screen capture Vimeo

Sometimes you just have to see how far you can push yourself...

This short video titled Experiments in Speed documents how a bike maker from the UK decided to make the fastest bike that he could, following in the footsteps of the 'salt flats pioneers' who got speed records in all kinds of vehicles (rocket-powered and whatnot). The goal is not to beat a world record, but simply to push personal limits. It's a very cool project, and I won't give spoilers on how fast he went. See for yourself:

You can see other bikes built by the same people at Donhou Bicycles. The video was made by Spindle Productions (great job!).

ChainringVimeo/Screen capture

Update: The bike was sighted in the wild by Reddit user 'morganjames7', who wrote "Sitting in a cafe when.. Hey, I recognise that bicycle!":

Fast bike© morganjames7

Via Vimeo, Reddit

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