Now this is clever: The Double O bike light

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Anyone who has lights on their bike faces a number of choices: you can leave them on your parked bike and risk them being stolen; you can buy really cheap but not very effective ones so you don't care if they are stolen; you can carry them around in your pockets or bag and probably lose them, which is why I go through at least a set every year.

British designer Paul Cocksedge, known to TreeHugger readers for everything from Christmas trees to curvy stairs to fruit bowls, has come up with a better idea: The Double O bike light. He says in his kickstarter spiel:

As with so many people, cycling is an essential part of my life, and cycling safety is crucial. I’ve used many bike lights but I feel some things could really be improved. I wanted to design a bike light and the inspiration for Double O comes directly from the shape of the bicycle. I wanted something that almost looked like the bike had designed it itself.

This thing is big for a bike light, so it is harder to lose. The logic is that packing too many LEDs together tightly is blinding to other cyclists. Here, the lights are spread out so that it is less harsh. "It's not all about brightness. It is about how to deliver that brightness."

But the real magic happens when you turn them off and park your bike: they magnetically snap together and slip on your U-lock, secure from theft and not clogging your pockets. They seem pricey at £69 a a pair for the discounted kickstarter price, (recommended retail is £99) but if you are like me and can't hang on to these things, it pays in the long run. More at Kickstarter

Now I think I will start a Kickstarter for my idea of a bottle dynamo with a 5 volt USB output to keep all these things charged.

Now this is clever: The Double O bike light
Designer Paul Cocksedge solves a number of problems in one clever design

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