The (not so) secret benefits of biking all winter

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Those of us who bike all winter feel pretty proud of ourselves, but Toronto bike activist and author of the upcoming Urban Cycling Survival Guide is absolutely hardcore. When the weather got really cold a few days ago she tried to warm our spirits by posting these. With her permission I repost them here, to cheer everyone who is out cycling in the cold:

12 (not so) secret benefits of biking through the winter

1. It makes you feel like a bad-ass to know that the cold can’t beat you.

2. There are fewer riders, so more room on the road.

3. You never have trouble finding bike parking.

4. You’re more likely to avoid colds and the dreaded flu by using independent transportation, and staying active.

5. The cost savings are even greater when you ride in all seasons.

6. Friends and peers may think you’re nuts, but they’re secretly impressed!

7. It’s all about the layers, but it’s not as specialized, or complicated, as you might think.

8. Staying active helps keep your spirits up on even the shortest, darkest, dreariest day.

9. You’ll be warmer riding your bike than standing at a bus/streetcar stop, or waiting for the car to heat up.

10. Bike shops are way less busy in winter so they’ll be able to service your wheels in a flash.

11. If you can handle the weekend traffic on a local ski hill, you can probably handle winter riding – it’s just as exhilarating.

12. Some days, it’s safer to walk or take transit than to ride – doing so does not make you any less bad-ass ;)

Thanks, Yvonne Bambrick

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The (not so) secret benefits of biking all winter
Toronto biking activist and author Yvonne Bambrick puts a brave face on winter biking.

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