No Bike Thieves in Copenhagen, it Seems. They're Testing Painted-On Bike Parkings!


Photo: Mikael at Copenhagenize
But Would it Work Anywhere Else?
We love Copenhagen (and Copenhagen seems to like TreeHugger too...). They're doing a lot of things right, especially when it comes to encouraging cycling. They even go as far as to build "bicycle superhighways"! Via our friend Mikael at Copenhagenize, we learn that the city's Bicycle Office is now testing "rack-less bike parkings". It seems like it might work in Copenhagen, but would it work anywhere else?

In Danish the text reads "Place your bicycle here". Photo: Mikael at Copenhagenize

Well, that's not exactly right. These types of bike parkings can works elsewhere: The city of Amsterdam has apparently been using them with success, and they seems to also be used in Osaka, Japan. But would it work anywhere in North-America? Or even in less bike-friendly countries in Europe or Asia?

Bike Thieves
I suppose you need to reach a pretty high density of bikes before bike thieves just aren't attracted by bikes anymore (or is it a cultural thing?). Or maybe it's just that the number of bike thieves doesn't go up with the number of bikes, so that there's about as many bikes stolen, but the chances of having your bike stolen are very low (safety in numbers)... A commenter on Copenhagenize said:

"I don't understand - are the bikes locked? Or are there no bicycle thieves in Denmark..?"

To which another replied:

"The bikes have a simple lock on the rear stay, that goes through the rear wheel, so it can't turn.

The bike can still be picked up and moved, of course.

You can use a bigger lock, and lock it to something, but it's not really worth your time. If you take into a account how unlikely it is that your bike is stolen, then any lock that takes more than three seconds to lock, is just too unwieldy."

In any case, I'm happy to see Copenhagen trying to make the city even more bike-friendly than it already is. This particular idea might not work, but the important thing is to keep trying, something that urban planners and politicians are afraid to do in too many places.

Via Copenhagenize
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