New York's Citibikes make Delia Ephron blue

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Author and screenwriter Delia Ephron got the op-ed spot in the New York Times yesterday and used it to complain about Citibikes. And cyclists. And Mayor Bloomberg. She thinks they are dangerous and out to get her.

It’s fall now. As you stroll in the crisp air through Central Park or down a lovely tree-lined block enchanted by the coppery yellow, burnt orange and flame red of autumn leaves, a bank-blue bike is going to whip by, possibly knocking you down, definitely pulling your focus.

Who cares that she is about 569 times more likely to be hit by a car than a bike. What she really objects to, more than anything else, is their color.

As in our recent post about another columnist complaining about cyclists in Toronto, , the response to the article is more interesting than the article itself. Unlike Delia, the Bike Snob is just brilliant:

Can you imagine if you were able to pick a subject you knew absolutely nothing about, write a batshit crazy opinion piece on it, and get it published in The New York Times as easily as a stoned college student calls in for a bucket of chicken wings? Well, thanks to being born into a showbiz dynasty, this is one of the little perks Delia Ephron gets to enjoy, and she's written an op-ed on Citi Bike that boldly breaks new ground in saying dumb shit.

He can live with the color:

I mean, I don't have any love for Citibank, but there aren't very many artisanal Brooklyn businesses with earthtone logos queueing up to sponsor giant initiatives that enhance our public transportation network, so it is what it is. The divisions that now comprise the New York City subway system were also private enterprises in the beginning, and I think that turned out pretty well for all of us, though I'm sure if they were only introducing the whole subway concept today Delia Ephron would hate them. "These trains. They're underground, they're noisy, they're full of ads, the stations are ugly, and you have to have these grates in the sidewalk and I can't walk on them in heels!"

That's all the news that's fit to print.

New York's Citibikes make Delia Ephron blue
There's something about bikes that make them such a target for newspaper venom.

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