New York City's First On-Street, Two-Way, Physically Separated Bike Lane

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Let's Not Stop There...
New York City's not quite Copenhagen (one of our 2009 Best of Green winners!) when it comes to being cyclist-friendly, but we'll take any progress we can get. Yesterday, the transportation committee of Brooklyn Community Board 6 voted unanimously in favor of a plan to redesign Prospect Park West to make it more cyclist-friendly.As StreetsBlog says: "The plan features the implementation of New York City's first on-street, two-way, physically separated bike lane, which will run alongside Prospect Park on the east side of Prospect Park West, and will be protected by a four-foot striped buffer and a parking lane. In order to accommodate the new bike lane, Prospect Park West will be reduced from three south-bound travel lanes to two, and the remaining lanes will be narrowed to ten feet each."

This change has two aims: Provide north-bound bicycle access on Prospect Park West, for which there has been "strong demand", according to DOT Bicycle Program Coordinator Josh Benson, and reduce speeding by cars, which has been a problem there.

In field surveys last month, DOT found that more than 70 percent of the cars on Prospect Park West were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit, and at least 15 percent were traveling at 40 mph or faster. From 2005 to 2007, there were 58 reported crashes on Prospect Park West.

Good! Now let's keep going. Protected bike paths are an excellent way to encourage more cycling, which itself helps with air quality problems, road congestion, etc.

Via StreetsBlog (2009 Best of Green winner!)

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